Úbeda as a World Heritage City by UNESCO
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Welcome to our website about Architecture, Art, History and how our students enjoy this knowledge in addition to some Curiosities of our city Úbeda, in Andalusia Spain!
We will show you some aspects of the rich heritage that our ancestors left in our city. We are very proud to belong to the group of UNESCO World Heritage cities since 2003!
Through these pages, we want to show you the charm of our city, Úbeda, and how our students and teachers fall in love with each of its corners.
We show general aspects of our city and also how our students work in class to delve deeper into the history and art of Úbeda, trying to reach the largest number of people possible.
We appreciate the collaboration of the Úbeda City Council for supporting this research initiative on the cultural wealth of our city, opening up possibilities for us to visit many emblematic buildings. We also appreciate the support of the Ducal House of Medinaceli for allowing us to access the buildings that they own.

(Logo of the City Council of Úbeda, Coat of arms of the House of Medinaceli and a fragment of a letter sent to Ignacio Hernando de Larramendi y Montiano by Medina Fernández de Córdoba, Ignacio Duque De Segorbe - Ignacio Larramendi Foundation, Spain - CC BY-SA (by the House of Medinaceli)
This page is the result of a challenge we faced after being encouraged by the European Education Institution to make useful materials for school children and the general public.
This project is linked to another project that we have been implementing for two years (in continuous improvement) and that we call "Living and Feeling Heritage".
Watch our presentation video:
Video published by the Santo Domingo Savio school CC BY-NC-SA
Behind these html codes are the teachers: María de la Yedra Martínez Expósito (English), David Rodríguez Martínez (Art and History), Joaquín Torres Povedano (Art and Architecture), Francisco Trillo Poveda (Geometry and Mathematics) and José María Díaz Fuentes (ICT and Technology)
Within the content of some pages is also the work of many of our Secondary students in the Salesian "Santo Domingo Savio" School, who have been preparing many tasks for years, and special thanks to the students involved in the realization of these pages: Rubén C B, Wenceslao G L, David J E, Sofía M A, Nuria P R, Hugo R O, Nazaret M R C, Sofía R Q, Daniel S D, Manuel T P y Esteban T T.
We appreciate the help of the Europeana team of experts, too.
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